Exercise as Medicine



When we typically think of “medicine,” you most likely conjure images of pills or perhaps some sort of medical procedure. But this way of thinking about health, wellness, and treatment is too narrow, and as a society, we must start considering all the ways that lifestyle, including our diet and exercise habits, can not only help us prevent diseases but can also be used to treat various disorders.

The concept of exercise as medicine, as a therapy for healing and treating diseases and disorders of the mind and body, is gaining momentum among the conventional medical community.

There is more and more evidence to support the use of exercise to treat specific diseases, and we now understand better than ever the impact of regular exercise of the prevention of disease, as well.

Our guide explores how we need to rethink exercise and its role as medicine in our healthcare routine. We will explore the research linking exercise to disease treatment and prevention and examine the many diseases that can be treated using exercise therapy as well as ways to use exercise to prevent disease and remain healthy. We’ll even help you figure out how to get started exercising, even if you haven’t been active in a while.

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