Adaptogenic Herbs & Supplements



Today’s naturopaths and herbal medicine practitioners understand the influence that stress has on the human body, including the many diseases and disorders that are caused by or made worse by stress. We are continually learning more as a healthcare community about how stress affects the body, mind, and emotions. Thus, finding natural remedies and treatments that help people deal with stress and its influences on the body is a crucial healthcare goal.

That is why adaptogens are so important to alternative and complementary medicine today. Adaptogens are a classification of herbal medicine that includes plants that help your body adapt to or cope with stress. Adaptogens come in many different forms and have different effects on the body, but their greatest benefit is how they alter the body’s response to stress.

If you are interested in learning more about adaptogens, including how these herbs help your physical and mental health, keep reading. We share with you the most potent adaptogenic herbs, their many health and wellness benefits, and how to include more adaptogens in your daily routine. If you are ready to say “enough” to stress in your life, then learning about adaptogens is an excellent step in the right direction.

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