Gout and Arthritis

Is there a natural product that helps with Gout and Arthritis?

Both gout and arthritis are, what one calls, metabolic disorders. (where food is converted to energy) 

Crystals are deposited in and around the joints. They come from the blood that contains high concentrations of uric acid. A waste product of digested food and drink.

Normally the urate is excreted in the urine we pass, but in some people the body’s mechanism to excrete the uric acid is defective.

If urate levels in the blood are too high crystals start forming deposits where the temperature is lower. For gout sufferers, it’s normally around the big toe.

Symptoms can include extreme tenderness and pain in affected joints. These can include fingers, knees, and elbows.

Sometimes, if the arthritis is chronic, it can cause joint deformity. Tophi (hard little lumps of urate deposits) may also form around the hands, ankles, tips of the elbow, and earlobes.

And a collection of these urate crystals in the kidneys can lead to kidney stones.

What causes gout?

Urate is normally excreted into the urine, but in some people this process is defective.

These people are commonly known as under-excretors and constitute the majority of gout sufferers.

High levels of uric acid (hyperuricemia) which induce gout have various origins.

  • Diet. High intake of dietary purine. Normally high concentrations are found in meat and meat products. Sources can include – sweetbreads, anchovies and sardines, liver, and beef kidney.
  • Fasting and rapid weight loss. This can temporarily elevate uric acid levels.
  • Serum uric acid. Uric acid levels are increased by reduced excretion of the kidneys.
  • Certain drugs. Thiazide a class of diuretic that’s often used in the treatment of Hypertension, can increase blood uric levels by interfering with renal clearance.
  • Tumor lysis syndrome. It’s a metabolic abnormality that occurs as a complication during the treatment of cancer. (Chemotherapy) Where large amounts of tumor cells are killed off (lysed) at the same time they release their contents into the bloodstream. 

Published research.

The University of Putra in Malaysia published a study on Moringa. Their test was to see if Moringa possessed any anti-nociceptive (The action or process of blocking the detection of a painful or injurious stimulus by sensory neutrons.) and anti-inflammatory activities, the same activities achieved by the drugs used in modern medicine.


The Ancients were right in their treatment of arthritis and gout. The research found that Moringa possesses incredible high quantities of anti-nociceptive and anti-inflammatory substances and that these substances were active.

What does this actually mean?

  • There is an enzyme – the COX-2enzyme – that’s responsible for the inflammation process and the pain that goes with it.
  • Moringa actually helps suppress the COX-2 enzyme.
  • Modern drugs, some prescribed and others over the counter, also suppress this enzyme – Voltaren, Nksin, Arcoxia, etc.
  • But it’s the side effects of these drugs that can cause problems
  • Some include risk of stroke, stomach and kidney problems and the list goes on.
  • Combine these risks from side-effects with the existing condition and you have the perfect storm.
  • Many of you have never have heard of Moringa but bear with me.  It could be just the thing that gives you that relief you so desperately desire.

Try Moringa

As a treatment for gout and arthritis. It was used throughout the ancient world as traditional medicine, and it’s been around for centuries.


It’s available almost anywhere and contains all those anti-oxidants and amino acids your body so desperately needs.

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