10 Key Essential Oil Tips for Beginners

The scale at which essential oils are adding value to people’s lifestyles is simply fascinating! There is a perfectly natural and functional oil for people grappling with anxiety, stress, soreness, pain or any other mind-body hurdle.

 A lot of sensationalism enshrouds the topic many wondering if the plant extracts are as potent as advertised. With the right usage and precise product knowledge, a few drops of essential oil is all it takes to turn your day around. This comprehensive guide will help you venture in the millennium-old field of Aromatherapy.

What to Expect from Using Essential Oils

Plant extracts used have specific properties that impact individual body cells regenerating and protecting them as well as boosting the immune system. Essential oils are naturally relaxing and elevate your moods instantly resulting to low-stress levels and reduced tensions in the body.

They rejuvenate great skin properties, act as a repellant for insects, aid in digestion, facilitate the development of healthy joints and muscles and so much more! It all depends on the chemical components making up the specific type of essential oil.

The Right Way of Using Essential Oils

You have the option of applying them topically or aromatically (through smelling). The olfactory system is greatly influenced by just a single smell thus affecting hormone production, memory and emotional responses.

Maximizing on Aromatic use of Essential Oils

The simplest way is squeezing a few drops on a cotton ball or tissue and inhaling or taking a direct whiff straight from the bottle. Alternatively, use specialized diffusers, diffuser necklaces or nasal inhalers.

Maximizing on Topical Use

Essential oils are very concentrated when purchased hence it is advisable to dilute before applying topically. The oils are highly volatile so if applied without diluting it leads to wastage of its elements. The evaporation rate is greatly reduced by diluting. Diluting makes it possible to apply over a large surface area and gives adequate time for the oil to get absorbed to the skin.

Using Carrier Oils    

These are used for diluting. You can either make a 3% mixture or a 10% mixture depending on your health situation and age considerations. The 3% mixture uses 1 teaspoon carrier oil for 3 drops of essential oil while 10% mixture uses 1 teaspoon carrier oil for every 10 drops.

Strategic Places to Apply on the Skin

The oils can be applied anywhere on the skin except the orifices such as ears, eyes and nose. Before applying on the face ensure the mixing proportions are accurate because facial skin is hypersensitive. If targeting the scent apply directly on wrists or the upper chest after diluting.

You can also apply to areas that are sore or in pain. For instance, in the event of a stomach ache apply essential oil to the abdomen to relieve the pain.

Essential Oils for Children

Not all oils are safe for children as their developing systems are not as resistant when compared to adult metabolism. According to dermatologists, children are more prone to toxicity and such oils should be avoided entirely for children below 2 years. Take time to do a background check on recommended oils for children that are accessible to you and mix with carrier oils before applying.

Essential Oils in the Course of Pregnancy 

Some categories of oils are too strong and are not recommended for pregnant women. Such would stimulate overproduction of certain hormones which can trigger bleeding. This category of oils should also be avoided during the lactation period.

The Question of Expiration 

Unlike popular perceptions suggest essential oils have expiry dates and are due to spoiling a few years after breaking the seal even when refrigerated.

Choosing Quality Essential Oils

Multiple companies are currently offering an assortment of essential oil products which makes it challenging for beginners to tell their quality apart. Seek essential oil companies that have perfectly documented their products and fully stand behind their brand.

Get a special edge in your vibrant life with high-grade essential oils designed to complement your overall wellbeing.

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